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bad real estate agent   I didn't realize how important it was to do my homework before hiring a real estate agent. Really Rotten Realty® lived up to their name. ROTTEN!!! My house was on the market for over a year because they did nothing to sell it.

After I fired them I found AgentHarvest. AgentHarvest did a market analysis to determine which agents sold the most in my area and introduced me to three of those agents. A big difference. I can't believe I wasted a year by hiring a Really Rotten agent.

bad real estate agent   I thought I was smart by hiring the first agent that I was able to get ahold of. After my Really Rotten agent planted her Really Rotten Realty® sign in my yard, I never heard from my real estate agent again. I left messages and no one ever called me back. EVER!!! I should have used AgentHarvest to find my agent.

AgentHarvest keeps in contact with both agents and the client to make sure everything goes smoothly with the hiring process.

horrible real estate agent   I made the mistake of hiring a Really Rotten agent over the phone because he said he specialized in my Dallas, Texas neighborhood and knew that market well. Without question, I hired him on the spot. When he came over to meet me, not only did I discover that his office was located 2 hours away from Dallas but he even got lost trying to find my neighborhood. He even mispronounced the name of my subdivision. Some expert.

Had I used AgentHarvest's free agent finder service, I would have been introduced to three successful agents that not only know my area but actually sold properties within my neighborhood. AgentHarvest would also give me the tools needed to effectively interview those agents to find the best one for my needs.

bad realtor  

My Really Rotten Realty® agent not only had several ethics violations filed against him, he was proud of them. He even referred to agents without any ethics violations as "softies." He even told me that he likes calling the "Do-Not-Call" list looking for business because there's less competition there. Isn't that illegal?

I wish I would have read The AgentHarvest Blog before I started interviewing agents. I would have learned how to do a background check on agents to see if they have any ethics violations registered with the state to avoided Really Rotten agents like this.

unhappy real estate agent   I thought it would be easier to use all of the professionals that our Really Rotten Realty® agent recommended for our inspections and I also made the mistake of using their mortgage lender too. I found out that the home inspector was the agent's cousin, and the mortgage lender gave my agent $5000 to win my business. Now I have a home I can't afford and a loan with a 12% interest rate.

I should have used AgentHarvest to find a top producing Realtor that has my best interests at heart.

real estate agent bad  

I thought I was smart finding an agent that was willing to lower their commission to get my business until I found out how willing she was to lower the price of my house to get it sold. She didn't even put up a fight during the negotations with the buyer's agent. Our Really Rotten agent walked away with more money from our sale than we did. Finding a Really Rotten agent willing to drop their commission rates really cost us much more in the long run. I guess you really do get what you pay for.

I should have used AgentHarvest to find an agent that could negotiate in my best interests. Sure they may be firm in their commission rates, but at least they'll be firm when they negotiate the sale of my house.

Really Rotten Realty® was created by AgentHarvest to show
what could go wrong if you hired the wrong agent.

Use AgentHarvest's FREE agent finder service to avoid hiring a "Really Rotten" agent.  We can connect you with nationally recognized, award-winning real estate agents in your area.

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